About Eat to Treat

Say goodbye to health fads and false promises

Eat to Treat is the solution you’ve been searching for to finally beat your nagging symptoms or even slew of diagnoses and feel your best - for good!

Eat to Treat is on a straightforward mission:

To transform as many lives as possible by helping people regain control of their health and empower and equip all on their healing journey. 

The Eat to Treat method breaks the cycle of helplessness and hopelessness surrounding chronic symptoms, offering an understanding and solution to the root cause of their health complications.  Using this approach, countless individuals have conquered chronic ailments, achieving results where conventional medicine fell short.

With a holistic, scientifically-backed framework to heal your gut and balance your hormones, Eat to Treat is about incremental changes in your mindset, diet, lifestyle, and environment that add up to a huge impact on your overall health.

About The Founder, Maggie Berghoff

Maggie Berghoff is a functional medicine nurse practitioner providing the world high-level ways to heal. 

Her mission is to help people create an environment to thrive, rebalance their bodies, and detoxify their lives - in a simplistic and fun way.

Maggie discovered this passion after a relentless and frustrating battle with her own health in her young 20s. 

While dealing with persistent symptoms of fatigue, bloating, weight gain, dizziness, and full body swelling, Maggie faced an array of diagnoses, from kidney disease to severe immunodeficiency to POTS to PCOS and hypothyroidism. Ultimately, Maggie suffered a life-threatening mini-stroke at age 24 with no conclusive explanation of why it happened. 

Frustrated by the lack of answers from conventional medical practitioners, Maggie embarked on a personal journey to reclaim her health. Through her own studies of functional medicine, integrative health, mindset around nutrition, chronic inflammation, and toxicities, Maggie successfully healed her own body in less than 6 months and reclaimed her life - after years of struggling in the traditional medicine model being bounced from doctor to doctor with zero answers or guidance on how to heal.  In fact, the doctors had told her she couldn’t heal, and she’d be reliant on various medications life-long.

Maggie did heal.  Fully.  And is now on no medications feeling better than ever before - physically and mentally.  

And now, Maggie is on a mission to help others achieve their best state of health, too. 

What sets Maggie apart is her very “realistic” approach to living a non-toxic and less inflammatory lifestyle.  Her clients report it being fun and refreshing to work with Maggie and implement her strategies to healing.  Maggie has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Well + Good, Under Armour, CBS, Glamour, iheartradio, 4 popular health documentaries, national television, and she's a USA TODAY national best-selling author. 

She focuses on family, flexibility, and fulfillment as core values in everything she does - both in business and health - and is a proud and present mother of three young children.

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