Non-toxic Gifts for Everyone On Your List


My non-toxic holiday gift guide is HERE!

First things first though, please know that I'm not here to push you into a shopping frenzy. I really believe the holidays are about slowing down, unwinding, and enjoying family time. 

But at the same time, who doesn’t love giving thoughtful gifts to the people you love?? 

FULL DISCLOSURE - every year Jimmy (my husband) and I end up also getting ourselves new clean-living things and just simplifying our household with fresh new things!  

A bunch of you have asked me for gift recommendations that are thoughtful, healthy, and will actually improve your recipient’s life, and not just another thing to buy.

So, I'm all in to share some of my favorite non-toxic products that would make meaningful gifts for the people you love! Let’s go!


For the healthy eater:

🎁Pluck Organ Seasoning: nutritious, ancestral organ meat based powders, that turn everything into a delicious superfood.

🎁Primal Kitchen: delicious condiments and staples with good fats, real ingredients, no added sugar, dairy, soy or canola. 

🎁Wild Pastures: 100% grass fed and pasture-raised meats with no antibiotics, no added hormones, no added steroids, no feedlots and no GMOs. 

🎁Paleo Valley: carefully sourced, mindfully crafted and nutrient-rich foods and snacks for optimal health.


For the healthy beverages:

🎁Purity Coffee: USDA organic and lab tested coffee consciously crafted for health.

🎁Dry Farm Wines: organic, sugar free, and low alcohol wine

🎁Pique Life: 100% organic, quadruple toxin screened matcha that supports radiant skin, healthy metabolism, and calm energy 

🎁KOS Plant Based Protein Powder: protein powders and superfood blends made from pure ingredients.


For the self-care crowd:

🎁Joov: safe, effective light therapy devices that emit red and near-infrared light to reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation

🎁Primally Pure: handcrafted, safe skincare products with pure ingredients that offer real, recognizable results


For a non-toxic living home:

🎁Branch Basics: non-toxic, biodegradable, human and pet safe cleaning products

🎁Aira Soy Candle: organic, vegan, paraffin free, 100% soy candles 


These are just a few of my favorite products that would make great gifts, but to get the full list of everything I love and personally use, head over to my Amazon page: 

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