How I Prep for Wellness on the Go


A couple weeks ago I took a last minute trip to Nashville to speak on a podcast (Dr. Josh Axe’s!) about my new book, Eat to Treat

It was so much fun, and I thought I’d share some travel tips with you today!

In the past, any travel situation always resulted in me being “off my diet” and binging on whatever snacks and indulgences I wanted.  I usually would come home feeling so gross - just bloated, guilty, regretful, groggy.  I’d then feel like I needed a cleanse or detox of some sort to get back on track. 

THIS is an endless downward spiral of negative health impacts and damage to your mental health.  

Now when I travel, it’s just another normal day - no biggie!  Why would you throw away all habits and values just because you’re in a different location?  

In fact, when I travel I often am EVEN MORE healthy than when at home, because it’s a nice little reset to focus on myself!

Here’s what I do:

  • Right away, I hit up the nearest Whole Foods or other healthy grocery store to get healthy snacks for the room, a great meal, and waters.  
  • I am mindful of my choices when out to eat… I definitely get whatever I want, but I also aim to pick things that nourish my body vs mindlessly ordering things and emotionally eating them vs truly enjoying the moment
  • I incorporate extra immune system support to help my body stay resilient.. Usually this is in the form of supplements 

And I remember that this is just another day!  

My hope is that if you’re still stuck in the “it’s vacation” mode every time you’re away and fill your days with unhealthy habits, that you take time to adjust your mindset around that.  I promise you when you stick to your habits for the most part, you’ll enjoy that trip SO much more and be fully present. 

Happy travels!